Fusillés de la Braconne en Charente

Rédigé par Alain dans la rubrique Lieu de mémoire

On the morning of the 5th of may 1943, in a clearing in the forest of La Braconne to the east of Angouleme six résistants were shot by SS Soldiers. The six were Jean Barriere, Paul Bernard, Jean Gallois, Rene Michel, Marc and Marcel Nepoux and were amongst 50 local people arrested at the end of November 1942 for being involved in 'activities' against the Germans.

In the autumn of 1943, 68 people were arrested, again for 'activities' against the Germans. On the 22nd of december 1943 a German military tribunal condemned 12 of them to death for 'aide a l'ennemi' and others were deported to concentration camps in Germany.
On the 15th of january 1944 ten were shot at the same clearing as on the 5th of may 1943. They were members of either l'Organisation Civile et Militaire or the F.T.P. - Robert Geoffroy, René Gillardie, Armand Jean, Francis Louvel, Gerard Vandeputte, Marcel Baud, Amedee Berque, Pierre Camus, Raymond Corbiat and Pierre Gabont.

After the Liberation a truly impressive monument was erected in memory to the 16 résistants at the spot where they had all been shot and each year since,  on the 15th of January and on the sunday nearest to the 5th of May a ceremony is held at the Monument des Fusillés de la Braconne in their honour.

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