Cérémonie annuelle du massacre des résistants à Vergt

Rédigé par Alain dans la rubrique Lieu de mémoire

On the 22nd of june 1944 a german convoy coming up from Perigueux sent ahead a reconnaisance mission towards Vergt which came accross a car abandoned by some maquisards.  They immediately started to hunt down anyone in the surrounding woods and fell upon some isolated members of the Groupe Mercedes (A.S. Dordogne-Centre) and shot dead the five maquisards that they found. 

Other maquisards at a camp nearby had just enough time to flee to the Groupe Marcel (A.S. Dordogne-Centre) which was set up near Sainte-Alvere. The Germans then encircled Vergt, several houses were ransacked and pillaged and some of the inhabitants were arrested.
Le Corp Franc Roland (A.S. Dordogne-Centre) who were set up at La Feuillade heard the shots and sent towards Vergt two motor-cyclistes, Pierre Seveno and Michel Estang. Seeing nothing on route they carried on towards Vergt where they were captured  by the germans. Sevano was shot dead alongside two civilians. Lestang was shot but was able to escape.
Pierre Aubry who had been shot earlier was later killed by the germans with a nurse Louis-Maurice Priss who had been helping him.

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On the 22nd of june at Vergt in the Dordogne the annual ceremony of the massacre of those resistants and civilians will be held. 

Sud-Ouest - René Dupuy (2011)