Le “RAC” déchaîné

Rédigé par Alan dans la rubrique Brigade Rac

During the winter of 1944-1945 there appeared an internal newspaper for la Brigade RAC called ‘Le RAC déchaîné’.
It was a more light hearted publication than the brigades factful paper ‘Forces Françaises’ which appeared from August 1944 and was on sale to the general public.

The main contributors to Le RAC déchaîné were Pierre and Sven Sainderichin. Sven had designed the RAC badge earlier in August 1944.
No doubt inspired by the title some members of la Brigade Rac cut the lead off ‘petit Rac’ on their badge, feeling that there was no reason that he remained on a lead in the time of liberty.
N°1 décembre 1944

N°3 Février Mars 1945