Drapeau F.F.I

Rédigé par Alain dans la rubrique Le coin du collectionneur

Well, they say you never forget your first, and that's certainly true for me concerning the first item I ever bought connected to the Résistance. Many years ago, my wife and I were staying with some friends near Montmoreau in the Charente and they suggested we all go visit a huge warehouse full of second hand stuff. Sounded good to us. 

They were a bit cagey as to where it was and to this day I honestly could not tell you its location. It was a foggy day in November so I can't even remember any landmarks. What I can remember is spotting this F.F.I drapeau and having it as a cherished possession ever since. Over the years I've taken quite a few photos hanging it in different places including the photo at the top of this site which I set up to look like the maquis camp of the Section Spéciale de Sabotage at La Bistandille. There is a great photo of the camp in the book Nous les Terroristes by Marc Leproux. Enough rambling here are some photos.