Affiche de l’Appel à tous les Français

Rédigé par Alain dans la rubrique Le coin du collectionneur

This framed affiche à tous les Français is from Argentina and was issued by the Comité De Gaulle & Comité de la France Libre at Buenos Airies whose badge is at the bottom.
The back of the frame was quite loose so I have taken if off and have found the affiche is actually the back page of issue no.6 of "In hoc signo vinces", the information bulletin issued by the Comité De Gaulle and dates from 1940.

The legendary poster is known under many names, and is often confused with the text of l’Appel du 18 juin :
  •  L’affiche ‘à tous les Français
  •  L’affiche ‘De Londres’
  •  L’affiche ‘L’appel aux armes’
a) The first print run was 1000 and printed by Achille Olivier Fallek in London.These posters were pasted on the walls of London during the weekend of 2nd and 3rd of August 1940.
b) The second print run was 10,000 and printed by J. Weiner Ltd, London-WC1.
c) The third print run was by Harrison and sons Ltd.

The size of the poster varied from 750 – 790mm by 497 – 518mm. Anyone interested in trivia might like to know that the ‘d’ in the word ‘servitude’ is actually an upside down ‘p’. (I am the son of a printer’s compositor by the way!)