OSS / Mission Alexander - France 1944/1945

Rédigé par Alain dans la rubrique Opérations spécialePortrait

Recently I have had the pleasure of being in contact with Elizabeth Winthrop, the daughter of Stewart Alsop, one of the three members of the Mission Alexander which was dropped into South West France late in July 1944 to establish liaison between the Allies and the local Maquis, in particular la brigade Rac A.S. Dordogne-Nord. (Full story in the links below).

Elizabeth, who is a renowned author in the U.S., is currently working on a family history about her parent's love affair in England during the war and has very kindly just sent me the excellent photo below taken recently of herself and Dick Franklin (aka Norman Franklin) who was the radio operator of the Mission Alexander.

Elizabeth has written a piece on her blog about her day with Dick Franklin (link)