Shadow War - The Resistance Fighters' Literary Club

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Shadow War - The Resistance Fighters' Literary Club by Debra Finerman
Published by Rue de Courty Publications : September 2014

Occupied France, June 1940. The stylish cafés and Nightclubs of Paris cater to Nazis now. France has surrendered to Hitler but the SHADOW WAR has just begun. A handsome, aristocratic British S.O.E. spymaster and a burgundy winery owner who lives a secret life as a Resistance leader pull together the competing Paris Resistance groups into an elite fighting force using the cover of a book lovers' group. They call themselves The Resistance Fighters' Literary Club. Their clandestine headquarters is the fabled Balzac Bookshop on the legendary Left Bank of Paris.

Two women espionage agents, a brilliant young American and a beautiful Russian countess, are parachuted into France by S.O.E. to kidnap a top Nazi and help smuggle an iconic French painting into safety. These four remarkable characters love, fight and conquer together.

"Some Frenchmen stayed behind to fight. Others fled for England and Winston Churchill's secret Special Operations Executive. They became shadow soldiers of the Resistance.

This is the story of those soldiers, my fellow espionage agents. Men and women who fought the Shadow War. Here unfolds a tale of courage and loss. Also the story of the triumph of fate."

   Captain Charles Pelham, London, England